IT ALL STARTED AS A PERSONAL NEED for knitwear in great design and of high quality and functionality.
With a good sense of aesthetics and creative skills Stinne has, since she was a small girl, created her own designs and knitted her own clothes. Her designs began to receive a great deal of attention from others. Amongst these were the owner of the leading webshop at that time, and she wanted Stinne's knitwear for herself. Soon the rumor spread and more women asked for the designs - as they too had high demands they found fulfilled in Stinnes knitwear.
In late summer 2010 the brand STINNE GORELL spread it wings and started selling through stores and webshops in Denmark.

In the beginning all the products were hand knitted by Stinne herself and two elderly women on the Danish island Fejø. But as the demand the designs grew, more women were needed in the production. And still - every year more Danish women join the large group of knitters, who with care and expertise make your clothes. 


A COLLABORATION WITH A DANISH FAIRTRADE PRODUCTION IN BOLIVIA introduced a thinner quality of knitwear made from free range alpaca. Bolivian women started working for the company in their own homes on manual knitting machines, and the bestseller TRANSPARENT PONCHO came to life.


THE COMPANY MOVED TO BORNHOLM which is a leading sustainable community with great plans for a sustainable future, and the brand STINNE GORELL became a valuable part of this. Bornholm is also were Stinne's family has it's roots, and were she spent her childhood summers. The company increased it's production of hand knitted products to meet the growing demand for the designs.


AN INCREASING NUMBER OF STORES in Denmark showed their interest in STINNE GORELL's now larger collection, and soon the high quality knitwear landed on the shelves of several stores.
INTEREST FROM RETAILERS ABROAD made the company grow even bigger - now as an international selling brand.
MORE KNITTERS WERE NEEDED and this year a very large group of women started knitting for the company.


THE COMPANY MOVED BACK TO NÆSTVED and opened it's first store and showroom. But the connection to and the collaboration with the group of knitters on Bornholm and the community's ideas for a better future will always remain. The opening of a store in Næstved became important for the growth of the local awareness about the brand. An in effect, a large group of local knitters was established. 


EXQUISITE, WEAVED SCARFS was added to the collection this year, as the the company started a new cooperation with a sustainable Indian production.
A NEW COORPERATION IN LITHUANIA came into place, and was chosen in the light of the endeavours to be responsible in the choices of productions. This Lithuanian production has high standards of working conditions and craftmanship.


THE STORE AND SHOWROOM moved to larger premises making the personal contact with the customers and getting to know their needs and experiences with the products possible. But the larger store also ment having room for other brands, as the customers expressed a wish for a range of sustainable products within beauty, fashion and interior. 
A GREEK PRODUCTION SHOWED INTEREST in the brand and proposed to  cooperate on creating sustainable fashion. This collaboration ment having GOTS certified wool of a delicate quality and sewed designs possible.

THE FOCUS ON HIGH QUALITY AND HANDICRAFT was discovered by a Nepali association, and this ment a new close and important production collaboration.  


NEW QUALITIES OF FABRIC was introduced with the ADD ON collection with lighter designs made in Tencel, organic cotton and Modal, making us able to meet the costumer's wish for lighter styles that combines beautifully with the knitted products.
A DREAM CAME TRUE as the pop up store BY HAND AND NATURE in Gudhjem was opened in Juli. For many years Stinne has had the dream of returning to the family island and opening a summer shop there.
Read more about the store along with the other pop ups here.


THREE ADDITIONAL COLLECTIONS kikced-off the year, introducing designs for men, children and home in the same high qualities as the brand represents.
We hope you will enjoy the collections FYR, SPIRE & HI as much as we do.
THE BESTSELLER BECAME ART when a local artist interpreted a picture of the TRANSPARENT PONCHO with pencil and ink.


In the endeavours to be responsible, together with contributing to the well-being of the Earth and its human beings, the manufactures are chosen with care, and the visions for the future working processes are growing.