Since the beginning of this company’s journey in 2010, the wish to prove that fashion can be done in a caring and sustainable way has been the mainstay of the company. 
Sustainability to us means caring for and combining all it’s parameters with fashion. 

That is why we hold both materials, production environments, social responsibility, keeping of traditional handicrafts, long lasting quality and design equally high.

Founder Stinne explains:
“I believe that we all need to take on the individual responsibility we carry, far more than that is the case at present time, if we are not to destroy the Earth. 
We need to think in a more holistic way. The decisions we make do have an impact. We need to do and to be concrete instead of talking. 
We are convenient materialists - I am too.

We need to remember, that we often have the opportunity to find products that cover our needs, where the producer has made some conscious choices in respect of man and environment instead of just profit.

And all the small choices do make a difference to the Earth. 
But the growth of these conscious companys and the signals from the people making conscious choices can also make a tremendous impact on other companies, that might change their practices for the better.
It might be done for profit, and maybe just on a small scale for creating selling stories. This we call “Green Washing”, but it is still better than nothing done. All growth and development needs to start somewhere, and one day it will be common practice to think twice.”



Several designs in the 2018 collection were made back in 2010/2011, and have been a part of every collection since. There are always a lot of old favorites from earlier years in the current collection.
We only make one collection a year because we believe that the need for good quality knitwear in our northern climate is always present, and that good design is timeless.

Having one collection a year makes it possible for us to stand by our high standards regarding sustainable fashion.
We would like a close and respectful cooperation with our retailers and to be able to meet their wishes and needs. This is why deliveries from us are flexible, and not restricted to specific times a year
One collection and production all year round means that our retailers can place orders without minimums and make reorders when needed. In this way we avoid overproducing and having our products on sale.

And this is indeed sustainable fashion to us.


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natural materials

All our materials are carefully chosen to meet our high standards of quality and care. We do our best to keep the site of the material production and the production of our clothes as close together as possible. In this way the materials won’t have to travel Mother Earth several times before they land in the hands of our customers as long lasting garments.

NORWEGIAN WOOL of very high quality, produced without chemical emission. These yarns are used in the Danish hand knitting production.

PURE ALPACA WOOL from free-range Bolivian highland alpacas. The alpaca wool is a Fairtrade production and spun by the local farmers and used in the Bolivian manual knitting production.

ALPACA FUR TASSELS Fairtrade and from free-range Bolivian highland alpacas who have died from natural causes.

CASHMERE from certified Chinese production of a very high lint-free quality. This beautiful material is used in the Nepali production.

100% GOTS, MULESING FREE MERINO WOOL. This wool is produced in Europe, and is used in the machine knitting production in Greece and Lithuania.

TENCEL from Germany is of botanic origin, since it is extracted from wood. It is the most eco-friendly choice of fibers, concerning both production and use. Tencel is used in our Greek production.

MODAL is made from cellulose fibers derived from beech trees, and has a feeling to it much like cotton. Modal is used in our Greek production with af mix of organic cotton.

100% GOTS ORGANIC COTTON and it’s production complies with high requirements for working conditions, handling of wastewater and use of chemicals. The organic cotton is used in our Greek production.

RECYCLED BICYCLE TUBE from our local bicycle repairer is used to make the belts we use. The belts are handmade in Denmark. 


ethical production

All hand knitted products are made by women in private homes all over Denmark.
The women have monthly meetings, wool changes hands and most importantly the social network and feeling of responsibility and affiliation expands.
All products are made of natural resources or recycled materials. 

A number of styles in every collection have been produced by women in Bolivia in cooperation with a Danish owned and Fairtrade certified company.
The products are made on manual knitting machines of pure wool from the free-range Bolivian highland alpacas. 

We are working with an association of small producers in Greece. The country needs financial support, the producers are skilled and the yarns are certified and European.

A cooperation with a very reputable and small family owned factory.
The business has won many awards during the years because of their working conditions and craftsmanship. Furthermore they use natural yarns from European certified producers and are geographically in a country that needs financial support. 

Several products are made by a Nepali association that are determined to support and develop a wide range of local traditional handicraft in respect and humility for skills and story.

Cooperation with an Indian company working with the formation of and focus on sustainable fashion. Production of yarns and weaving is placed in the same city, supported by the government.